Thursday, November 12, 2009

BOSTON HERALD 091111 Study: ‘Green’ jobs surge limited

Study: ‘Green’ jobs surge limited

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Streetsblog: Daily News: Is There a Person in Your Parking Spot? Kill Them.

"Make my day" in the New York Daily News style.

amd_chef_ke_hai_du_full.jpgKe Hai Du. Photo: Daily News

In the unofficial battle for the most irresponsible, over-the-top media endorsement of motorist entitlement, the Daily News took the trophy this morning, declaring that drivers are within their rights to run down human beings who stand between their vehicles and on-street parking.

Under an arguably racist headline, News editors claim that sushi chef Ke Hai Du got what he deserved when motorist Paul Todd hit him with his car during a dispute over a Lower Manhattan parking spot on October 9. According to reports, as Du stood in a space to hold it for his boss, Todd nudged his Lincoln into Du's knees, then ran over his foot, breaking it.

To many people accustomed to the norms of civilized society, this would seem a clear case of assault, if not something more serious. But to the News it's a game, which the victim rightfully lost when he challenged the "finders keepers" rule -- or, as News editors put it, "a basic and inviolable tenet of the universe."

What Du did is right up there with stealing a taxi from the person who hailed it, or bringing 15 items to the "10 items or less" register, or stopping at the top of a subway stairway to read e-mail, or backing up in an E-ZPass lane.

The lesson is clear: Park your carcass in a parking space, and you may end up as road kill.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

HealthCare4ALLPA - Welcome!

HealthCare4ALLPA - Welcome!

Have you gotten tired of Congress' failure to listen to common sense (instead of to the jingle of re-election money in the phone calls from healthcare insurance giant lobbyists)?

As of today Pennsylvania is one of eleven states considering or enacting single-payer health insurance for a large percentage of state residents who qualify and/or who choose such a plan. Aiming for universal coverage and affordable subscriber rates in sensible plans that are also limiting the growth in the costs and charges for health care. Pennsylvanians intend to lead the nation.

Worth learning about? Listen to state director (and former candidate for the US Senate Democratic Primary) Chuck Pennacchio at